Thursday, 20 June 2013

ArHi FF: Love Hate Relationship - Part 31 (Maha Update)

Part 31 (Continuous from India Forum)


Arnav was giving up with her soft touch.. She was surely seducing him badly.. He can never resist an angel like her.. His hand slide behind her back.. He was caressing her waist… He make her laid on the bed so he can rule the act now..

Arnav: “Khushi are you sure..??” She cares his cheeks..

Khushi: “Hum meh behrosa hai.. Aap par or aap ke pyar par.. (I trust you and your love)..” He took his another step and remove the pin of her saree.. He throw her saree on the floor and she was just wearing  a skirt and a blouse.. He kissed on her neck.. She closed her eyes feeling his touch.. He move to her cleavage and place a wet kisses there.. “Ar..nav..ji..” She moan while her hand was pressing his head more.. He move back to her neck and mark her there with a love bite and move to her lips.. He was about to kiss her but she hug him tight..

Arnav: “You okey…” She nodded in agree.. He move his hand behind his blouse.. Slowly his rough hand move on her back and open her dori..

Her heart beat increase.. He open the blouse hook.. He slowly make her face him and their eyes meet.. They can see the growing desire in them.. He pulled out the blouse and her black bra was clearly visible for his dark eyes.. He can’t resist anymore.. He throw the blouse on the floor and slowly kiss her on top of the bra lace.. She moan.. He open her bra straps which was just interrupting his views.. He throw away far from them and took her bosom in his mouths..and suck them.. Her breast was growing from unusual size.. His sharp teeth was making it turn red..  and  She cried in pleasure.. This was the first time a man was touching her like this.. A man which she call as a husband.. He bite her nipples slowly and gasped..

Khushi: “Ar..nav..ji..” She moan.. He feel nice when she moan his name.. He feel sense of belonged.. He took her another breast and equally love them.... Her hand was pulling his shirt off him.. She gain all the strength and pulled out his shirt.. He smirked seeing her all lost in him.. He move downwards and pulled her skirt in go.. Her below part was just cover with panties which was black too.. Perfect combination with her milky skin.. He kissed her there.. She closed her eyes feeling the growing sensual in her..

Arnav: “Can I Khushi..” He asked with his husky voice.. She just nodded with his eyes closed.. He smirked seeing his effect on her.. He open his pant and his boxer and throw it on the floor and laid on top of her.. She can feel his manhood growing and was poking on her sensitive part.. But she too can feel his breathe hitting her face.. She wait for 5 minutes but he didn’t move nor touch her again.. She open her eyes and saw him staring her exactly in front of her.. “Tum Khush ho..?? (Are you happy..??)” She nodded..

Khushi: “Arnavji.. Do you love me..??” He was blank he didn’t know what he should answer now..He knew he was but his ego?? His ASR mask..?? She cupped his cheeks and make him meet her eyes.. He can see something growing for him in her eyes.. Something very special.. He took a deep breath..

Arnav: “Bhot ziada Khushi.. Apne jaan se bhi ziada.. (I love you a lot Khushi.. More than my life..)” A drop of tear rolled on her cheeks.. He wiped with his thumbs… “Don’t cry.. Please..” She can see his eyes moist.. She didn’t thought his one drop of tear can hurt him this much..

Khushi: “Why you love me at this extend Arnavji..??” almost whisper..

Arnav: “I don’t know Khushi.. If you go far from me my heart stop to beat.. If I didn’t saw you in few hours my brain stop to work.. I can’t concentrated on anything.. I just need you Khushi.. I Love you..” He whisper in her ear.. And peak her lips softly..

Khushi: “Can I ask you something Arnavji…?” He nodded.. “Did you have intimate before..??” Arnav was quiet for a second.. He didn’t get why was she asking this..??

Arnav: “I knew I have a dark personality but I didn’t took anyone on my bed.. I only give that right to my wife.. Which is you..” Khushi smile proudly.. She capture his lips and they start to kiss each other wildly.. She was entering her tongue in his mouth and both the tongue was tasting and pushing each other.. Arnav pull from the kiss and move downwards.. He kiss her belly button and move to her panties.. He pulled out her panties and rub his manhood on her sensitive part..

Khushi: “Ar..naaa..vvv..ji…” She moan loudly.. Her inner muscle was fricative.. She feel something there.. She was getting wetter than usual.. He was still rubbing his manhood there and he move to her swan neck and place wet kisses there.. Her nail was poking her back.. She was scratching him badly.. “Ar..navvvvvv..ji.. Pl…… I wa..nt y..ou In..sideee Me…” She moan.. He was a bit hesitate to do that.. He looked in her eyes..

Arnav: “It would be painful Khushi…” He didn’t want to give any pain to her not even during their intimate..
Khushi: “I want you.. Arnavji…” He cares her cheeks and was giving light kisses on her face.. She open her legs wider.. She can feel his manhood was poking on the window or her vagina.. She closed her eyes.. He slowly pushed in but.. “Ahhhhhh….” She scream in pain.. He pulled out hurriedly..

Arnav: “Are you alright Khushi..??” He was panic.. She nodded.. But he wasn’t satisfied.. Her face was all red.. He was sure she wasn’t blushing this time.. “Khushi.. We Stop here..” She hold him..

Khushi: “No Arnavji.. I want you..” She gesture him to enter her.. She open her legs more wider so he can enter her.. He slowly push in and she bite her lower lips bearing this pain for the first time.. He turn his face to another side.. He didn’t want to witness this pain of her.. Once he enter her fully.. She took a deep breath feeling a big and growing organ in her body.. She can feel it was little moving..

Arnav: “You okey..??” She nodded.. She was too tight for him.. It was her first time and she would face some pain at the beginning but later on, those pain would vanish and only pleasure would accompany her.. His manhood was comfortably adjust in her.. He know what he should do now.. He slowly pull out and pull in.. She was feeling little pain but at the same time she was feeling heavenly.. he was kissing her neck and cleavage.. The speed was getting harder and increasing.. While the pain was increasing too.. She was new to all this.. She closed her eyes and bite on his shoulder harder.. He hissed in pain.. He didn’t stop her from biting him.. He let her overcome the pain.. And he reduce the speed.. Once she leave his shoulder.. which was clearly seen the teeth marks.. She move her hand on his bare back and he knew she want him to speed up.. He lean his lips on her and began to pleasure her in both way.. he begin to trust her in and out.. She was kissing him and marking him with her nail..

Khushi: “Ar..nav…ji…” She moan while he groans.. Their muscles fricative again and she can feel him near her womb.. She can feel him in her body.. “Ouuu…” she moan.. He trust her deeper and she gasped.. She was verge on her climax.. So does he.. He knew she was going to come and he have to reduce the speed a bit to make her pleasure.. This was her first time.. He want her to feel heavenly.. He increase his speed in double in few second.. He can feel her wetness there.. She was coming.. Her lips was dried.. She didn’t think she would be receiving pleasure at this extend… When he was about to cum.. He pushed his manhood in and ejaculate two shoot in her.. She open her mouth wider for a proper air..  There were sudden friction in her.. She can feel something been ejaculated in her.. “ooouuuhhhhh…” she moan loudly when she reached her climax for the first time in her life.. Her body was literally vibrating.. He was keep on trusting as he wasn’t reached fully.. He sucked her breast and move to her neck and again trust harder and his remain seed ejaculate exactly on her uterus..Their body was shaking receiving the passionate fricative.. They hug each other tightly.. Their breath was getting heavier after this encounter..


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